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Inspired by a Glorious Tradition

Hani Al Mustafa
Executive Director

About Almamlaka Perfume

Al-Mamlaka Perfumes, the elegance existing in the world of oriental perfumes. We set off from Doha, distributing the authentic fragrance of the past and the shiny present. The story starts at the turn of the 21st century from the love and the passion of OUD and Dehn oud and it grew into the company that became a successful and complete company from designing, marketing and producing the products to the customer after the process of making it and all this is done with a competitive spirit with the bigger regional and global perfumes companies. The company contains a factory to provide the gulf market with its needs from packaging of products, which exceeded three hundred items and are sold in its exclusive showrooms. All of what is produced by Al-Mamlaka Perfumes beginning of the idea to the design, implementation, and marketing is done to the high standards of scientific research while maintaining a balance between keeping up with the fashion and preserve the heritage of our ancestors and ensure the continuity of the product from generation to generation.

Our Vision

When Al-Mamlaka Perfumes are committed to ourselves and to our customer’s first Arab and Islamic heritage inherent character that reflects our identity and values of our society to convey through our products to the world aromatic message of love and peace. We always strive to the highest levels of excellence in quality, privacy and competitiveness has always been the perfume that brings human beings to love and harmony. Seeing satisfaction in the eyes of our customers is our goal. And coming up with what touches the senses of taste and charming smells, imagination and innovative designs legendary is also our goal.

Our Mission

We understand the wide competitiveness in the regional and global markets and to achieve the best needs a lot of effort. That’s why we take care of the smallest details to the world which make us deserve this special place because if we don’t become special we will disappear.